OPT Security Check and ‘Common Names’?

Q: I am a PhD student graduating in August 2014. I got a job at a top US university as a postdoctoral scholar. I recently applied for OPT a few days ago and I am worried about one thing. A few years ago, it took me about a year to get my F-1 visa because I had a “common name” and I went through administrative processing. Will this delay my OPT process? Will I again wait for it about a year? The international student office in my university told me that the background check for OPT (that USCIS does) is far less extensive than for visa applications. I am looking forward to your response.

A: I agree with the International Student Office and I don’t think your background check will be as extensive and delayed as the one you were subjected when first applying forva Student Visa. 
It is a fact that students from certain countries who apply for certain courses of study are either barred from applying because of security purposes or subjected to extensive and very lenghty bacground checks. 
Your initial background check and its outcome will certainly be a very positive factor in helping  the next one assiciated with your OPT  be the normal customary time for students without issues.

Eliana Phelps

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