San Bernardino County

“Que Dios bendiga a la señora Phelps porque nos ayudó mucho a reunir a mi familia después de 8 años de separación”


Orange County

“He tenido malas experiencias con otros abogados sacando visas para mis empleados pero la gente de la firma de Eliana Phelps es realmente profesional y además exitosa”

Jose Luis Sanchez P

Fontana, CA.

When I went to the Law Offices of Eliana Phelps I had no hope. I had visited more than 10 lawyers and all of them have asked me thousands of dollars for taking my case but offered me no convincing reasons for which I should hire them.

I had a very difficult immigration case. I had been illegal in the United States for many years before I was forced to go back to Mexico to visit my mother who was seriously ill. When I was crossing the border, I was arrested by the Immigration authorities and I was summarily removed. Later I was detained and arrested by the immigration authorities, and granted voluntary departure. I did not depart. My dream of remaining in the united States was almost impossible. I lived under constant stress of being deported, until I found Eliana Phelps. Mrs. Phelps was a very cordial, understanding and caring professional of law. She listened to my case, she reviewed my case and later she told me she could help me. Every body else told me that it was not possible to get a green card, but Mrs. Phelps told me she could do it. It was not a word, it was not a lie, she got me to stay and become a permanent resident. I am very close to become citizen and all because of Eliana Phelps.

I don’t have words to thank her for all that she had done for me. Few days after I received my green card I visited her office and I gave her the best present I could find. I purchased a painting that said “You are hope” and with that, I told her what she really meant to me and all the latin American citizens who are in the same position I was one day.

Thanks Mrs, Phelps for all you have done, please continue in this profession for many years. All the immigrants in this country facing immigration problems need of lawyers like you, honest, caring and that fight for our right to remain in this country.

Bertha Cardona

Victorville, CA

On November 1999 an immigration judge denied my asylum application and entered an order for voluntary departure after posting a 500 bond.

As many other aliens I failed to depart to my country of origin. I did not have family left in Guatemala, the only thing was waiting for me was the painful memories of my child’s kidnapping and the pain of being thousand and thousand miles away from my husband and daughters.

In the United States I had built a new life, I have a prosperous furniture business, I have purchased two homes, have paid for my children’s college.

For 6 years I have to live in fear of being detained in a traffic accident, I could not go out of the town or even get closer to the border, it was a nightmare every single time we travel out of our small town.

On 2007, the immigration authorities made a visit to my residence. They were looking for me. Fortunately that morning I had left early to the bank and they could not find me at home. I was forced to move out of my residence and start living in different places.

Immigration visited my business, my children’s school, sent certified letter for me to pick up, and I knew it was over, I was going to be deported and possible punished for a period of up to 10 or 20 years.

I made an appointment with Attorney Eliana Phelps, a friend of mine in a similar situation was assisted by Mrs. Phelps and right now he is a Citizen of the United States.

I went to her office very timid and with no hope. She listen to my narrative, she reviewed my immigration documents and all my records, and she firmly but very secure told me: “ I need you to go back to your country as soon as possible”. Take care of all your business here and leave. I will take care of you. You will come back in a period of one year.

I was not sure about what she was saying but she told me to trust her. I did it. I went back to my country, and for a period of 10 years waited patiently for an appointment at the embassy. I got the appointment and I received a waiver prepared by Mrs. Phelps. She made all the arrangement for me to have the waiver appointment set for the same day of my immigrant visa. One month later, I received a letter that the Immigration authorities have granted my waiver, I was going to go back to the United States as a Permanent Resident, with work permit and all the benefits that this status brings with it.

I was the happiest person on earth. Thanks to Mrs. Phelps I am back in the United States, taking care of my business and family and free to move everywhere without the fear of being arrested and deported.

My family and I will always recommend attorney Phelps to any person under any immigration problem.

She is honest, caring, listen to your concerns and as immigrant herself she understands our needs and fears. I sincerely believe that she is an excellent lawyer and a person any body can trust with the most important decisions of his/her life.

Edgardo del Bosque

Rancho Cucamonga

I entered this country at the age of 15 as a non-immigrant visitor. As many other aliens, I over stayed the authorized period of admittance and became an illegal alien.

I was protected by the 245 I but one day I left the United States due to an emergency and I was caught at the border. Therefore, I was not longer protected by the 245I, and I became an alien who was not admitted or inspected by an immigration officer.

For many years I live in the United States as many others. I admit having used other identities and to constantly avoid any encounter with immigration. One day I have a dispute with my girlfriend that resulted in an arrest for domestic violence. At the county jail my immigration status came to the attention of ICE and before my family could post a bond for my release, an immigration hold was placed. My family became desperate attempting to find a person who could assist me. Many lawyers told my family that I was going to be removed and that was little or not hope for me, but they will take the case upon payment of thousands of dollars.

My family was not convince with any of the lawyers we visited in the riverside and san Bernardino county areas until somebody referred us to Mrs. Phelps.

From the beginning Mrs.Phelps show my family she knew what she was speaking. She was sincere and took a couple of hours (free of charge) to explain the letter of the law to my sister in law and brother. She explained to them how she pretended to defend me in both actions “criminal and immigration” and she made sense.

We retained Mrs Phelps and during the entire process, both criminal and immigration she was more than a lawyer she was a caring, compassionate and very efficient person., fighting hard for my rights. For her was not time for her, any time my family called her day or night she answered and she was there.

Mrs. Phelps knows very well the criminal and immigration Laws, and represented me in the Criminal case with an complete knowledge of what sentence I could and cold not receive and during the entire time she dealt with the prosecutors until she negotiated a very favorable plea for me.

Mrs. Phelps not only took me out of Jail, she is obtaining my permanent residence, I am now authorized to work in the United States and my immigrant visa interview is coming very soon. I just have one word for Mrs. Phelps : “Thanks”.

I will recommend Mrs. Phelps to any person because she is not just knowledgeable in the immigration and criminal laws but she is a very caring, humane and sensible person who is unique in the profession. I have never met a lawyer who always attend the calls of her clients day and nights and holidays.

Carlos C Carranza


I was told that do not file a petition for Citizenship because immigration was going to issue a notice of action and start a removal proceeding against me based on the fact that I was convicted of domestic violence and possession of a firearm.

I knew two of my friends who ended in immigration court because of the fact that they filed for citizenship having convictions for domestic violence and firearm, and presently are facing removal proceedings.

Mrs. Phelps told me that she would obtain my citizenship as long as I pass the English and civic test. I was reluctant at first but then I agreed. I came to sign documents at Mrs. Phelps office and besides the N-400 form and evidence was a declaration of Mrs. Phelps with points and authorities and case law, and statutes, that were 10 pages long. I asked her what it was, she told me is your door to Citizenship.

At the time of the interview Mrs. Phelps realized that her documents have not been read by the adjudicator and when the adjudicator announced that my citizenship application was going to be denied and a NTA was going to be filed, Mrs Phelps start presenting her arguments and rejecting the adjudicators’s decision.

The supervisor was called, the case was sent for the attorney’s of the service to review, and after 2 months of agony, I received\ the news that I was going to become a Citizen of the United States.

I called Mrs. Phelps in tears, she already knew, and I just told her that I will always have her in my heart and at the time I had the opportunity to tell any body my history I will be more than glad to do it. This was the time I had to share with all the people my experience.