Immigration Politics Ticker

Immigration Politics Ticker

On Thursday, the House Judiciary Committee began considering three immigration bills that would implement President Trump’s mass deportation plan. The bills would create a massive, militarized federal deportation force, require local law enforcement to use their finite local resources, waste taxpayer money, and deprive asylum seekers and refugees of humanitarian protection.

The committee recessed after making its way through two amendments on the first bill until next Tuesday, May 23, 2017. Both amendments, which were introduced by Democrats to strike portions of the bill, were voted down along party lines. The first, which would strike Title I of H.R. 2431, was introduced by Ranking Member John Conyers (D-MI) and was rejected on a 9-18 vote. The second amendment sought to strike Section 314, was introduced by Representative Jerry Nadler (D-NY), failed on an 8-17 vote.

AILA opposes the three bills in a statement submitted to the House Judiciary Committee. AILA members and the community-at-large should take action by emailing House Judiciary members and asking them to speak out against these bills that are both un-American and costly, and encourage those members who have opposed them in years past to keep speaking out against these bills.


Eliana Phelps

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