USCIS Announces Grants Opportunities

USCIS Announces Grants Opportunities

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The USCIS government entity is providing grants to permanent residents

The Citizenship and Immigration Service began accepting applications for competitive funding opportunities under the Citizenship and Assimilation program. These opportunities are intended to assist in preparing permanent residents to achieve naturalization by attending to training classes to improve their english proficiency, United States history knowledge, and civic education so their development in society is correct. USCIS will provide up to $ 10 million in grant funding through these two programs to prepare these citizens located in different communities across the country.

It is important to note that the deadline for this subsidy process is until August 6th.

Through these two opportunities, USCIS plans to expand the availability of program services for citizen preparation:

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Citizenship education and naturalization application assistance services: will provide the opportunity to a maximum of 36 organizations offering citizenship education services and assistance in the naturalization process to permanent residents who are legal.

 Education in citizenship only: this opportunity is focused on helping non-profit entities, building new programs in citizen education and / or expanding the reach of citizenship courses. This opportunity seeks to help a maximum of 10 non-profit organizations. With this process, USCIS wants citizen education programs to expand, especially in those community organizations that have not previously received any kind of subsidy from the government.

Grants Opportunities for legal immigrants

USCIS stated that it has declared more than 60 million since 2009 with more than 300 grants to organizations and entities that have declared the provision of services in preparation for citizenship.


To request this funding opportunity click here

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