Social Media Checking?

Social Media Checking?

Is it correct to check social media accounts of immigrants who wants to enter to United States?

Much controversy has been generated since immigrants who have entered to United States have been asked to let officers review their social media.


Since May 25 of this year, this measure has been taken strictly as a security mechanism against migratory movements and tourism that circulates in the country. Initially, it was taken as a preventive measure against individuals with criminal records that could represent a threat.

Checking Social Media Account Immigrants

Due to these new procedures, any consular officer is in a position to request access to check their activity on social media, number of their previous passports, biographical information, such as emails and contact numbers including addresses, jobs performed and their travel history.

But these policies that empower border officials were even used under Obama’s mandate. And while there is no truthful information to show that Trump’s mandate is being carried out with greater force, different activists are manifesting that these measures are being very frequent.

Therefore our position in this situation is:

Social Media Airport Security

No foreigner has the constitutional right at the border of a country other than his nationality, to invoke protection against the invasion of his privacy and the right to have an order to confiscate or read his files on social media. The security of the nation in these times makes necessary that these methods that were not used before are used and is constitutional; is not discriminatory and is not a violation of the rights of third parties seeking admission to the United States.

Eliana Phelps

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