5 Things You Should Know About DACA Ending

As we all know last 5 of September of the present year, John Sessions in representation of President Trump´s entire administration declared the ending of DACA program.

Law Office of Eliana Phelps gives you 5 important facts you should know about DACA ending:

  1. New DACA application will not be accepted. USCIS announced that will not accept new DACA application for the first time after the 5th of September.
  2. DACA is valid until expired date.To define when is your DACA expire date, check I-795 Approval Notice and the end of your EAD document. This allows to keep your DACA status until its expiry date.
  3. You have a DACA and you want to renew it.If your DACA expires between now and March 5 of the next year (2018), you must apply for a two year renewal before October 5 of 2017.
  4. Travel abroad is not allowed even with advance parole. If you have any advance parole pending for approval DHS will not process it and will not allow DACA program a permission to travel abroad. DHS will refund any associated fee.
  5. Law Office of Eliana Phelps is here for you. Attorney Eliana Phelps has the necessary experience to deal with DACA program issues. She will continue doing everything she can to protect immigrant clients. Contact us today.

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