Frequently Asked Questions

Diversity (DV) Lottery: I am in the U.S. without legal status (undocumented), can I still get a “green card” through the lottery?

Can my employee start working after I file my petition?

What is “Premium Processing”?

Does marriage to a U.S. citizen automatically confer a green card on a foreign national?

Can a student work?

Can my employee’s spouse work?

If I sponsor an employee for a green card, can he or she leave my employ before his or her case is finished, yet continue to use the benefits of my sponsorship?

If my employee needs to travel, how easy is it to get a visa for return to the U.S.?

Can a visa be obtained in the United States?

Can a visa be obtained in Canada?

Does a Canadian citizen need a visa?

Are Canadians Required to obtain a Visa prior to Visit the United States?

How has 9/11 and related developments affected prospective employees?


Criminal Convictions:

I am a legal permanent resident and I was convicted of a crime in 1991. I’ve already been back to my country twice without any problems.

I’m HIV-positive, can I get a “green card”?

Immigrant Intent:

I live in Colombia and applied for a tourist visa to the U.S. which was denied because the Consulate thought I had “immigrant intent.” What does this mean? Can I appeal?

I-94 Authorized Stay: My tourist visa expires in one month, but says I can be in the U.S. for six months. When do I have to leave?

Marriage of Convenience: Can’t I just marry someone and get a “green card”?


Marriage: Same Sex

My partner is foreign born and we want to marry in a state where same-sex marriage is legal. Will doing so enable me to sponsor him or her for a “green card”?

Is it okay for me to marry my partner if I don’t apply for immigration status for him or her?


Tourist Visas:

My partner lives in an economically under-developed country and has applied three times for a tourist visa and keeps getting denied. What can I do to help?


Unlawful Presence/Undocumented Immigrants:

I came to the U.S. on a tourist visa in 2001 and never left. How can I legalize my status now?


Visa Waiver Program:

I come from England and can enter the U.S. for 90 days at a time without a visa. I’ve come to the U.S. six times in the last two years to be with my American partner, and the last time they almost didn’t let me into the U.S. airport. What’s going on?

What is Special Registration and who does it affect?

What is the difference between an immigrant visa and a non-immigrant visa?

If I am a “permanent resident” why does my green card expire in ten years?

What are the different categories of Temporary work visas?

I have an offer for employment in the United States, can I bring my family with me?

I am in the United States on a temporary work visa. My spouse has a derivative visa. Does my authorization to work extend to her?