I am from Mexico and my 601A waiver got approved. When I cross the border, do I simply show my approval notice?

Q: Do I show the approval notice when I travel between the USA and Mexico?

A: Congratulations. You have already overcome one of the biggest obstacles in your path to get an Immigrant Visa.

You will have no issues crossing the border. You are a Mexican citizen and all you need to show if asked is your Mexican passport and document as required by your country to grant access at the point of entry.

You have overcome the unlawful presence sanction because a waiver was granted however you may encounter other grounds of inadmisibility ( hope not) at the interview with the counsel abroad.

Once your immigrant visa has been granted and you pay for the fees required after your interview, you will get the plastic green card whenyou arrive to USA at the addres stated in your documentation. However they will stamp your passport with your immigrant visa and that is the document you will use to re-enter the United States (not the approval of your I 601 A waiver).

Eliana Phelps

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