What kind of visa does my British wife need to live and work in the US?

Q: My wife and I were married in September in Miami and we are currently living in England. I am American and she is British. Which would be the correct visa needed for her to live and work in the US? How much would it cost and how long would it take to get? 

A: Your wife is the wife of a United States Citizen and as such she must obtain an immigrant visa based on being the spouse of a US Citizen. This will give her the right to live and work in the United States and one day become a citizen after a period of three or five years – depending if she is married to you at the time the three years have elapsed or not.

the process starts with the petition for alien relative or form I-130 and forms G-325. Information is required of both of you and proof of valid marriage, as well as the submission of certain information that proves your US citizenship and her nationality in the form of birth certificate.

This will be consular process and can it take up to a year to receive the immigrant visa, the cost involves the cost of the petition, the costs of the National Visa Center and the new immigrant visa cost that shall be paid to the Department of State at the start of February.

Eliana Phelps

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