Sep 2017

5 Things You Should Know About DACA Ending

As we all know last 5 of September of the present year, John Sessions in representation of President Trump´s entire administration declared the ending of DACA program. Law Office of Eliana Phelps gives you 5 important facts you should know about DACA ending: New DACA application will not be accepted. USCIS announced that will not accept new DACA application for the first time after the 5th...

Social Media Checking?


Jul 2017

Social Media Checking?

Is it correct to check social media accounts of immigrants who wants to enter to United States? Much controversy has been generated since immigrants who have entered to United States have been asked to let officers review their social media.   Since May 25 of this year, this measure has been taken strictly as a security mechanism against migratory movements and tourism that circulates in...


Jul 2014

Fiancé Visa Question, how long should we wait for notifications or appointments?

Q: I applied for a fiancé case and filled out all of the paper work and everything that is required. My fiancé had his interview on April 27, 2014 but he received a yellow paper stating that our case needed further administrative processing and that they will call my fiancé for further instructions. My fiancé did receive a call but unfortunately was unable to speak...


Mar 2010

Immigrant Detainees and Human Rights

Reports have surfaced that detainees have been deprived of access to legal help or face deportation without due process. The Port Isabel Detention Center in Los Fresnos, TX gained recent attention when immigrant detainees decided to go on a hunger strike to protest their treatment. This latest incident follows the Amnesty International USA (AIUSA) report Jailed Without Justice, which provides an in depth look at...