Fiancé Visa Question, how long should we wait for notifications or appointments?

Q: I applied for a fiancé case and filled out all of the paper work and everything that is required. My fiancé had his interview on April 27, 2014 but he received a yellow paper stating that our case needed further administrative processing and that they will call my fiancé for further instructions. My fiancé did receive a call but unfortunately was unable to speak with the Embassy because the Embassy called my fiancé’s uncle (who was at work at the time) and my fiancé wasn’t around. It’s been 3 weeks since my fiancé’s interview and my fiancé and I are really worried, why it is taking so long for the embassy to give my fiancé his visa?

A:  Your fiancé can contact the Embassy to inform them that he was notified of a call made by the Embassy during hours where he and other family members residing at the residence were not present. Due diligence, reporting change of addresses and/or other personal information used by the Embassy to contact the alien, or submit notice of action or notifications of any type related to the case are essential and must never be neglected or delayed.  It will take few weeks to conduct the normal administrative proceedings required prior to the approval of the non immigrant fiancé visa.

Eliana Phelps

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