There are several effective ways to defend against deportation. The majority of these legal defenses relate to family relations and marriage. Learn about ‘deportation pardons’ and the appeals process.

Deportation Lawyer in California for Removal Defense

If you or a loved one is being threatened with deportation or removal from the United States, you may need the help of an experienced immigration attorney. We here at the Law Offices of Eliana Phelps have the tools, know-how and experience with the system to provide your best defense.

According to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services guidelines, there are five general reasons why a person can be deported from the United States.

  1. A person enters the U.S. without the appropriate authority.
  2. An individual disobeys the terms of admission to the country.
  3. An individual either gets involved with a prohibited organization or gets convicted of any one of a number of crimes.
  4. A person becomes what is known as a “public charge” after coming into the United States.
  5. An individual’s application for asylum gets rejected.

The good news for deportation defendants is that there are tools and tactics experienced deportation defense lawyers can use to open doors and provide remedies in various cases. We at the Law Offices of Eliana Phelps invite you to contact us today. We will provide a free case evaluation and give an objective proposal for how to move forward with your case.


We understand that removal proceedings can be scary and unnerving, even for people familiar with US immigration law and fluent in English. Without this basic background information, the process can be even more disorienting. The deportation and removal process may at times seem oppressive and unfair. However, American law allows for a certain degree of redress. We will help you plot a path forward and explain our recommendations in simple, clear language. Our goal is to provide passionate but aggressive defense for all clients, and we have some of the sharpest minds in immigration law on our team. Please utilize the advice box below to contact our immigration attorneys today and let us get your case started.

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