visa2Familiarize yourself with the wide variety of US visas provided by the US Government that allow visitors to visit or live in the US depending on the duration of the visit and type of activity engaged in by the visitor (eg. business, holiday, student exchange, permanent residency etc.).

If you plan to visit the United States you should select the type of visa most appropriate to your needs, the terms and conditions of that visa, the necessary forms and application process. If you arrive to the US without the appropriate visa or with incorrect information it is probable that you will be refused entry.

Our Immigration Attorneys specialize in helping non-US citizens visit and live in the USA. Our Attorneys have the experience and expertise to ensure that you enter the USA with the correct visa, that you have all the right forms properly prepared, that you have satisfied all the necessary conditions, and that you know what to say if you are interviewed at the point of entry to the United States.

An Immigration Attorney who is up-to-date with Immigration Laws can help you obtain your visa in less time, with less stress and with a higher probability of a smooth arrival to the United States.

If you would like more information or would like to start the visa application process then click here to contact our office today. Or if you know which visa is right for you then select the visa from the following list to read specific information about the visa and its requirements:

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