Pre/Post Nuptial Agreements


The last thing you want to think about while planning your wedding, is ending it. But United States divorce statistics cannot be ignored ­ almost half of all marriages end in divorce. By obtaining a prenuptial agreement, you can protect yourself, your assets and your children/family. You can also save yourself the monumental stress of divorce litigations, if and when the marriage does come to an end. By having a prenuptial agreement in place, the fate of all assets, support payments and even child visitation is already set in place.

Prenuptial agreements can cover a wide variety of issues such as:

  • The rights of each party regarding any property acquired before the marriage
  • The rights of each party regarding any property acquired after the marriage
  • The disposition of property upon legal separation, divorce or death
  • The making of a will, trust or other arrangement to carry out the provisions of the agreement
  • The ownership rights regarding a death benefit from a life insurance policy
  • The fate of guardianship for any children in the event of legal separation, divorce or death
  • Any other matter, including personal rights and obligations, as long as they are not in violation of any public policy or impose a criminal penalty

A properly drafted prenuptial agreement provides both spouses with a measure of certainty as to how their property and debts will be divided in the case of a divorce. This can save both parties extensive legal fees that are involved with divorce litigations.

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Postnuptial Agreements:

A postnuptial agreement is similar to a prenuptial agreement except it is drafted after the wedding and when both parties are legally married. Post nuptial agreements are used to help resolve issues within the marriage such as:

  • Disagreements over finances
  • Disagreements over assets
  • Disagreements regarding children
  • Disagreements or allocation of chores

Postnuptial agreements can also be used to control post-marital behaviors such as:

  • Over spending
  • Adultery
  • Leisure time activities
  • Work related issues
  • Intimate related issues

Other reasons couples choose to draft postnuptial agreements are due to a drastic change in financial status after the wedding. This can occur if either spouse receives an inheritance, experiences a change in career, experiences a change in investment income, sells a business, etc. By drafting a postnuptial agreement, either spouse can ensure the safety of his/her new fortune both during the marriage, and after if necessary.

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