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Jul 2014

I have my 2 years permanent resident card ( green card ) but my husband wants to get a divorce, will I lose my green card ?

Q: I came here on a k-3 visa. In the event of the divorce will I lose my visa and my green card or I can apply for 10 years green card and hopefully citizenship (my brother has USA citizenship) ?   A: Firstly, I will assume that at the time you entered the United States as a K3, you were not married with your husband for a period longer...


Feb 2010

Child Custody

Murrieta Child Custody Attorney In the event of a legal separation or marital divorce, if a child/children exist between the couple, then custody and visitation of the children is to be determined by the courts either during or after the time of the legal proceedings regarding the separation or divorce. Courts determine child custody and visitation by considering the safety and welfare of the child...